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I have recorded my sophomore solo electric bass album, Shudder, which is now available to stream and download on bandcamp.

This album is part of a continuing project that explores low frequency sound performance on the electric bass.

Shudder consists of five improvisations lifted from a recording session at Rolling Stock Recording Rooms on July 3, 2017. Recording and mixing was handled by Myles Mumford. During post-production, layering of the bass tracks, (e.g. lowered transpositions of the original bass) were incorporated on some pieces to help reinforce the sub sonic range. I will …Read more

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Droning Bells


I am pleased to announced the release of an album titled Droning Bells. This recording is the final creative outcome of a year long Honours degree that I have just completed at the Victorian College of the Arts. My research worked towards the development of an alternative approach to solo electric bass practise and performance. I intentionally focused on bringing forward key technical aspects of electric bass playing that use minimal musical material, executed at slow tempos, with specific utilisation of low frequency resonance and dissonance in low registers. I worked within …Read more

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I’m excited to share an album release of improvised music by myself, on electric bass, and the extraordinarily talented vocalist, Jenny Barnes.

The album is titled Cluster and is available to stream and download at Bandcamp. You can listen here.

Cluster was recorded at Pughouse Studios on June 26. The album comprises of 4 improvisations.

The title, Cluster, is reflective of my interest at the moment to explore the beating effect created by dissonant notes, or close intervals. I am particularly focussed on exploring dissonance in the lower register of the bass. Jenny …Read more

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Feb 2016

There’s a movie with Sean Connery where he plays an old-reclusive-has-been-famous writer, who ends up mentoring a young aspiring writer. The kids wants to learn, and the old man is grumpy but he eventually gives in. At the first ‘lesson’ Sean Connery’s character sits the young kid down at a table, where there is a typewriter ready with a blank piece of paper. The kid is then instructed to write. The kid is startled and confused, not sure what to write, or why he’s being ordered, but he begins to write, …Read more

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It’s Oct 2015 and I gone and done an update… !


Here’s an update of the going ons in my musical life, some teaching tales, and a good amount of links…

In Aug /Sep I toured Singapore, Taiwan and Canada with The Black Arm Band. We performed at the Singapore and Taiwan Arts Festivals,  as well as the Western Arts Alliance Conference in Vancouver, Canada. I do love playing with BAB and I especially love having the opportunity to travel with such an incredible group of people. Taiwan was my favourite country. I was mostly in Taipei. We did visit a beautiful city on the …Read more

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What’s happening in my bass world!?!?


Hello cyber world !

I’ve been lucky to be involved in many fun, cool and challenging musical projects so far this year. Here’s an update of what happened in April and May: The Putbacks spent a couple of days in the studio to record some new instrumental jams for a 45 that should be released later in the year on HopeStreet Recordings. Emma Donovan & The Putbacks toured the country opening for Paul Kelly. This was a great experience, and to play in so many beautiful theatres was pretty special. Her Majesty’s Theatre …Read more

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Guest programmer on Italian Radio!


I was invited by DJ Calamity Jade to select 3 tracks for the Italian radio show Funk Shui.

Please check it Episode #42!

Funk Shui #42 w/ Mick Meagher (The PutBacks) special by Calamity Jade on Mixcloud

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Emma Donovan & The PutBacks live on Radio National AWAYE Program


Please check out Emma D & The Putbacks live in the ABC studios in Sydney, Jan 31 2015.

You can also hear myself and Emma give an extensive interview with AWAYE host Daniel Browning


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Tribute to Charlie Haden


A great project that I was involved pays tribute to life and music of Charlie Haden. This project was conceived and realised by Niko Schauble of Pughouse StudiosA Tribute To Charlie Haden is now available to purchase and download via Bandcamp. ATCH comprises of 50 bass solos played by 50 different bass players.

Please follow the link to listen to  A Tribute To Charlie Haden

My contribution was entitled In a Bit. I recorded the double bass first then over dubbed the electric bass.

I wrote …Read more

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