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Mick Meagher

Shudder consists of five improvisations lifted from a recording session at Rolling Stock Recording Rooms on July 3, 2017.

Mick Meagher – electric bass

Recording and mixing – Myles Mumford

Artwork by Jim Grimwade

Available from:


Mick Meagher & Jenny Barnes

Mick Meagher – Electric Bass
Jenny Barnes – Vocals

Recorded at Pughouse Studios by Niko Schauble on June 26, 2016.
Album artwork by Jim Grimwade
Image by Mick Meagher

Available from:

Droning Bells

Mick Meagher

Mick Meagher – Electric Bass

Recorded by Lachlan Wooden at the VCA on October 8&9 2016.

Artwork by Jim Grimwade

Available from:


Emma Donovan & The PutBacks

An album I made with Emma Donovan & The PutBacks. Our first LP release on HopeStreet Recording. I co wrote the tunes with Emma and the fellas… This album has received some great press since it’s release:

“Driven by brutally honest lyricism, irresistible percussion and a purist’s respect for the funk and soul tradition, Dawn hearkens back to the heyday of Stax and Atlantic Recordings”
Karaslamb (Okayplayer)

“Emma’s voice is everything you’d want in a soul singer. She’s the real deal.”
Francis Devin Rimer (Wax Poetics)
“A tour de force of funk and soul hailing from the land down under”
Brice Ezell (Pop Matters)
“Emma Donovan’s undeniable deep soul voice has met its match at last in The Putbacks. They sass and kiss, twist and twine like a totally-into-each-other feisty couple. Dawn is the perfect marriage of singer and band.”
Paul Kelly

Available from:

Hi(gh) Curious

The Eugene Ball 4tet

After 20+ years of playing and writing with/ for everybody else, this is Eugene’s debut release as ‘band leader’.


released March 1, 2016

Eugene Ball – trumpet
James Macaulay – trombone
James McLean – drums
Mick Meagher – electric bass

Recorded by Phil Noy at the Moreland Ball Hall, May 16, 2015
Mixed by Richie Belkner at Free Energy Device,
Mastered by Michael Lynch at Shoehorse Sound,
Artwork by Abigél Torok

Available from:

Spanish Harlem (feat Nai Palm) b/w The Worm

The Putbacks (feat Nai Palm)

The Putbacks’ 3rd 45 release with HopeStreet Recordings features the incredible talents of Nai Palm on A side. The B side is an instrumental breakbeat banger titled The Worm.

Available from:

Busted b/w Set Me Free

The Putbacks

The PutBacks 1st full 45 release. The A is side is the good time, sing a long Busted. The lyrics are easy – “I’m so Busted. I’m Busted… (repeat)… Me-oh-my…(repeat).

Easy, huh? Now go pick up a copy and sing-a-long yourself.

p.s. The guitar and drum breakdown is absolute gold. Tommy Martin flexes his guns like no one else. He’s an OG shooter!

The B side is a reinterpretation of The Kinks classic  Set Me Free

Available from:

Friend or Foe b/w Diamond Cutter

Chantel Mitvalsky/The Putbacks

The 1st release from HopeStreet Recordings was a split 45; Chantel Mitvalsky’s Friend or Foe on the A side and Diamond Cutter by The Putbacks on side B.

I only played on the B side.


Available from:

The Perimter Motor Show

City City City

A great band that I played in between 2002- 2006.

City’s was lead by Ned Collette 

We recorded 2 albums and I still enjoy listening to them.

It was great fun playing in this band. Ned is a fantastic musician, composer and guitarists. I also loved this band because I got to play between two fantastic drummers – Rory McDougall & Joe Talia 

Available from:

Dawn and The Blue Light District

City City City

This was the debut album for City City City. Love it!

Available from:

Still Life

Kylie Auldist

Great release from Kylie Auldist.

I played bass on tracks 4 – 10

Available from:

They Shall Inherit


A Lance Ferguson production

double bass and electric bass on all tracks

Available from:

Daddy b/w In The Dirt

Emma Donovan & The Putbacks

HopeStreet Recordings pressed a limited edition (only 150 copies) of he lead single, Daddy from the album Dawn. The B side is In The Dirt by The Putbacks. In The Dirt was originally released as a “C” side and free download for the Spanish Harlem/The Worm 45. Due it’s popularity HS decided it better be on wax!


Available from:

Kung Fu Pyramids b/w Snake Eyes

The Putbacks

After stealing the hearts of soul fans everywhere through their ongoing collaboration with Emma Donovan, The PutBacks return to instrumental music with a brand new 7inch, Kung Fu Pyramids b/w Snake Eyes. For the fighters, Kung Fu Pyramids is a slice of dark, guitar-driven, psychedelic, martial arts funk. For the gamblers, the brooding downtempo minimalism of Snake Eyes is an ode to the joys of Mia, dice game of champions.

Available from:

Blackfella Whitefella b/w Down City Streets

Emma Donovan & The Putbacks feat Tim Rogers, Joelistics & Archie Roach

This release supports the massive grassroots movement led by SOS Blak Australia, an organization dedicated to supporting Aboriginal communities in remote Western Australia currently under threat of closure.

Earlier this year SOS Blak Australia issued a worldwide call to action to stop these closures occurring. In response to this, Emma and all the artists involved have come together to declare that they stand with the Indigenous people of Australia in support of their right to self-determination on their traditional lands. All involved have donated their time free of charge and all proceeds from the record go to SOS Blak Australia.

Blackfella Whitefella, the country rock epic written by George Rrurrambu and Neil Murray in 1985, feels more relevant than ever 30 years on. 2015 is, in so many ways, becoming a critical year in relations between Aboriginal Australia and the broader community. When the Prime Minister labeled Indigenous communities living on traditional lands a “lifestyle choice,” which he refused to support, he touched a nerve and tens of thousands of Australians from all backgrounds were soon marching in protest. Simultaneously, on sporting fields and across the media, Indigenous athletes have taken a stand against racism from fans and commentators and once again, Australians of all backgrounds stood up in support. This song asked long ago for Australians of all colours and backgrounds to “stand up and be counted,” for all of our rights. This year the call is being answered.

Written by Archie’s wife Ruby Hunter, who passed suddenly in 2010, for his debut album, Charcoal Lane, Down City Streets tells hard truths of Indigenous urban disadvantage. Emma and The PutBacks have put a deep, sweet soul groove under it and Emma and Archie revisit the song as a duet, sharing verses and singing the choruses together. It’s both a sad and hopeful song, mirroring Archie and Ruby’s personal journeys from struggle to security and success.

It’s also a fitting companion to Blackfella Whitefella, linking the experiences of bush and city life and a testament to the disconnection experienced when Indigenous people’s remaining links with family and country are severed. Blackfella Whitefella b/w Down City Streets is available on 7” vinyl and digital from HopeStreet Recordings from October 23rd and all proceeds from the release will be donated to SOS Blak Australia.

See below for more information on SOS Blak Australia’s campaign to protect remote communities of the Kimberly region.

twitter: @sosblakaust
instagram: @sosblakaustralia
Official Hashtags: #SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA #NOConsent #Lifestylechoice

Available from:

Better Days b/w Sweet Water

The Meltdown

A great new project that I play in. The Meltdown is led by Simon Burke and Lachlan Mclean, and I have to say that I agree with Lance’s statement here,

“Simon Burke has always known how to write a great tune!”
Lance Fergusson (The Bamboos/Double J)

Available from:

A Tribute To Charlie Haden

Various Artists

50 bass solos by 50 different bass players. dedicated to the life and music of Charlie Haden.

more info here

Available from:

I Hope You'll Be Very Unhappy Without Me

Chelsea Wilson

I played bass on the title track. This is probably the first (and maybe only time) that I’ve been properly recorded playing slap bass. This track is a cover of the Esther Phillips version. I’d liked to know who played bass on the Esther Phillips version — it is heavy!

Available from:

murundak LIVE

The Black Arm Band

In 2006, The Black Arm Band came together for the first time for the landmark production, murundak. Never before had as much musical talent from Indigenous Australia come together on one stage to share the story of Indigenous struggle and the music it inspired. It is a living, breathing expression of Aboriginal history, resilience and identity and is the songbook of the civil rights movement in Australia charting the soundtrack of over four decades of Australian Aboriginal life. murundak is alive with songs that express the joy, hope, struggle and compassion. murundak re-orchestrates many anthemic works and is performed by many of the original songwriters and artists.

Available from:

For the Love of God


A comedic spin on the stories of christmas. All through this album is the nostaglia of christmas records from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Available from:


Marc Hannaford Septet

released 07 May 2005

Marc Hannaford – piano and compositions


Ronny Ferella – drums
Mick Meagher – bass
Shannon Barnett – trombone
Gideon Brazil – alto sax
Ian Whitehurst – tenor sax
Ed Farilie – trumpet

Available from:

Wrapped in Plastic

The Escalators

Released 2010. The Escalators were a band led by Kynan Robinson. The music is inspired from some of the artistic concepts of master film maker David Lynch…

Marc Hannaford – Piano
Joe Talia – Drums
Michael Meagher – Bass
Lawrence Folvig – Guitar
Pat Thiel – Trumpet
Kynan Robinson – Trombone
DJ Element – Turntables

Available from: