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Feb 2016

There’s a movie with Sean Connery where he plays an old-reclusive-has-been-famous writer, who ends up mentoring a young aspiring writer. The kids wants to learn, and the old man is grumpy but he eventually gives in. At the first ‘lesson’ Sean Connery’s character sits the young kid down at a table, where there is a typewriter ready with a blank piece of paper. The kid is then instructed to write. The kid is startled and confused, not sure what to write, or why he’s being ordered, but he begins to write, and eventually finds a rhythm. I like that scene. I liked the movie too. What ever the movies was called, I cannot remember. I could easily look it up but I must not stop writing because now is the time to update my blog!
I sometimes remember this movie as a reminder, or as a method, of how to start grinding away at a task, in the hope of finding some sort of groove.

Christmas has passed, the school year finished and has now started again and the whole New Years Eve/Day transition makes increasingly less sense, or maybe, I’m just getting older and don’t care about the party so much. I’m becoming the old recluse from the movie ; )
I have been enjoying the summer though, just laying about, hanging with my wife and children, doing a bit of gardening, and getting some vital rays from the sun. When I wasn’t outside, I was inside introducing my daughter to the wonderful world of Nintendo Wii. But alas, the lazy pace of summer has to pass. I have been thinking it could be best to just not stop over the holidays, or if I do stop, then it has to be for 3-6months, or more! But as I don’t have that luxury or freedom, back to the grind I go.

The Putbacks did a day in the studio recently. We had no real agenda, just jammed out some tunes and had some fun. It was cool. I’m not sure what will happen with the material we recorded, but it is always good spending time with the band and nutting some ideas out.
Emma Donovan & The Putbacks have continued to stay busy with some exciting gigs; we supported Cat Empire for a run of shows back in November, and we also supported Archie Roach. Cat Empire are great, and such humble and modest fellas. Live, they execute their show with a really good balance between playing for their audience and playing for themselves. It was also very cool watching their bass player, Ryan Monro, cutting loose from side of stage. Ryan is a serious bass player. He plays it cool and just digs the music, but knows how to get down. I like that.
The Archie Roach support was also great. The venue was the Thornbury Theatre, which I really like. It was a hot Melbourne summers night and the air in the room was thick and still. Uncle Archie managed to keep his cool though. He is one cool cat.
Another great gig was our performance at the AWME festival.
Over the summer EDPBs managed to secure a number of Council events, playing free concerts in the park and the like. It’s all been good. We do have more exciting shows coming up in Feb/March. We are lucky to playing some of best festivals around, including Bluesfest, Golden Plains, Port Fairy Folk Festival, White Nights Melbourne and Riverboat Festival in Echuca. It is also pretty exciting to write that I will be travelling to India in a weeks time. I will be performing there with Emma Donovan and the guitarist from The Putbacks, Tom Martin, for a cooperate event in Delhi. It’s a long way to travel for 1 show, but as I’ve never been to India before, it is hard to turn down an opportunity like this. Then when I return to Oz, I head off to New Zealand to perform with the Black Arm Band, as part of the New Zealand Festival.
There’s been some cool shows with The Meltdown and it’s looking like we will be in the studio in a few months. The Meltdown and EDPBs will hold a residency at The Gasometer, playing every Sunday in April.
The Eugene Ball 4tet album will see a release soon, which is excellent! We have a show Feb 10 at Bennetts Lane. Maybe, by my next blog update the album will have an offical release date.
Lastly, I’ve been having some plays with my good friend, Ronny Ferella. Ronny has invited me to play in a new project called Fabric. Fabric has only done 2 gigs – as a trio, and a quintet. The quintet comprises of two bass players – myself on electric bass, and Frank DiSario on Double Bass. I enjoy being in this setting, and especially considering it is an improvising ensemble. Fortunately there seems to be more activity with projects and collaborations like this coming up in 2016.

I think I’ll leave it there.