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What’s happening in my bass world!?!?

Hello cyber world !

I’ve been lucky to be involved in many fun, cool and challenging musical projects so far this year. Here’s an update of what happened in April and May:
The Putbacks spent a couple of days in the studio to record some new instrumental jams for a 45 that should be released later in the year on HopeStreet Recordings.
Emma Donovan & The Putbacks toured the country opening for Paul Kelly. This was a great experience, and to play in so many beautiful theatres was pretty special. Her Majesty’s Theatre in Ballarat was my favourite, I think. Hamer Hall in Melbourne was also incredible. So was the Civic Theatre in Newcastle…
I went to Adelaide to perform as part of the Nexus Live series with Emma Donovan AND Kylie Audlist. 2 gigs with 2 of my favourite singers in 1 night! Kudos to Ross Mchenry for curating this series!
I performed Hairspray the musical with a high school I teach at. The band was small and made up of teachers and students. It was fun and daggy. A highlight for me was hearing two of my bass students improving on the gig. One student started to appreciate the importance of groove, the other student overcame some reading challenges. I could spend a whole year trying to do this with One on One lessons, but to sit next my students for a month of rehearsals and performances achieved unpredictable results. My students learnt themselves, from their own experience.
Also in my teaching world, I’ve been taking a bass master class at Melbourne Polytechnic (formerly NMIT) this semester. This is a first for me, and a first for MPT. It is pretty rare that 10 or so bass students can be in a room once a week, just talking about bass, listening to each other play, learning about the greats, learning new repertoire, listening to new music, learning new concepts etc. It has to be a good thing!
I made a film clip with a band called The Rrrrrockets.
Stonnington Jazz Festival just finished and I got to perform a one-off show with Lance Fergusson’s spiritual jazz project Menagerie at Chapel off Chapel. I also performed with The Putbacks and The Eugene Ball Quartet. All gigs were good fun and well attended.
I just finished recording an album with the Eugene Ball Quartet. I’m really enjoying this group. I haven’t found myself in a ‘jazz’ setting for a while. It was particularly nice to be asked by Eugene to join the group, and also that he specified I play electric bass. It is common to have a double bass in a non-chordal jazz group, but not so much with electric bass. I am more than open to the challenge. I’ve found this ensemble has me revealing an approach to improvised music that stems from my teenage years, and metal roots; I’m playing with distortion, with a pick, and playing power chords. \m/
Eugene Ball Quartet is eugene ball , james macaulay, james maclean and myself.
I’ll keep you posted on this and all the other wonderful projects I’ve got coming up.

… Well, that’s the plan!

If you actually read this before June 7, and live in Melbourne, please come to Howler for this gig

Ciao for now